The Fairly partnership has developed the training materials for the online course, consisting of  several modules:

  • basic economic definitions,
  • household income accounting,
  • financial concepts,
  • legal concepts,
  • practical examples of common scams/fraudulent behavior you could be a target for.

Each module is divided into different parts: basic concepts and definitions to ensure better understanding of the terms employed in the course (including more and less advanced mathematical formulas to support the knowledge presented); tests to check the knowledge gained through the reading of the module; further readings to go more in-depth on certain aspects of  the topics presented throughout the chapters if desired.  Even though the modules are ordered in the above-mentioned way, one does not need to follow the structure of the course but can start with the topic that interests them the most.

In addition to the above-mentioned modules with theory, definitions, and testing the knowledge parts, the course also includes interactive videos that were created by the partner organizations themselves. The videos are incorporated to each of the training modules to  help  potential learners to  orient  what they can learn in the respective module.