Within the Fairly project, the partners have developed a “Practical guide for informed and safe financial choices”. To ensure the highest quality of the guide, the partners created a short questionnaire to be filled in by its potential users in which they had to evaluate the relevance of various topics and sub-topics. The responders not only answered the questions but also, they made their own suggestions, for instance, they wished to read about real life cases and to see practical examples.

The partners, especially the one from Bulgaria, have the highest consideration of the topic of financial education, since the OECD Report on Financial Literacy of Adults in South-East Europe proved that the majority of the responders considered their knowledge to be either low or average. Yet, the knowledge provided by the FAIRLY project will result useful for every individual notwithstanding their country of origin since the information provided is universal.

The “Practical guide for informed and safe financial choices” could be used for free by interested stakeholders. It is available for download from here.